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GTC is located about 61.40 kilometers east of Incheon International Airport (ICN).
Transportation to and from GTC(Chungmuro Station) is available by airport limousine.
Airport limousines leave every 20 to 35 minutes.

Incheon International Airport

The procedure below outlines the arrival process at Incheon International Airport.

Arrival, Quarantine Regulations,  Arrival Immigration, Baggage Claim, Customs Immigration, Greeting Hall

Airport Bus Limousine Stop

Information on the bus limousine to GTC(Chungmuro Station) is available at the transportation counter (near exits 5 and 12).

Bus tickets can also be purchased at these counters. Please note that the bus limousine stop for GTC(Chungmuro Station) is located in “5B, 12A“ which is in front of the passenger terminal building.

Airport Limousine Timetable

Below is the timetable for limousine services between Incheon International Airport and GTC(Chungmuro Station).
It takes about two hours to go from the airport to GTC(Chungmuro Station).

Bus No.6015
Route Incheon International Airport – Sejong Hotel (Myeongdong Station)
Bus line (number) Myeongdong (6015)
Buy type Limousine bus
Interval 20~35 min
First bus To the airport 4:50
To Sejong Hotel (Myeongdong Station) 5:35
Last bus To the airport 20:35
To Sejong Hotel (Myeongdong Station) 22:50
Fare 10,000
Company ㈜Airport Limousine
Contact 02-2664-9898

Route & time table VIEW

First & last bus time table by each bus stop (hotel)

Bus stop Ibis Myeongdong Royal Hotel Kukdo Hotel Hotel PJ Tmark Hotel Sejong Hotel Lotte City Seoul Garden
From the First bus 4:25 4:27 4:30 4:33 4:34 4:40 4:52 4:55
Last bus 20:20 20:22 20:26 20:30 20:31 20:35 20:47 20:50
From Incheon First bus 5:35
Last bus 22:50

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