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Green Technology Center
Think tank for climate change response leading global inclusive and innovative growth 
  • With the effectuation of the Paris Agreement, the whole world has entered a new climate system since 2020. With "technology" drawing attention as the key to resolving climate change, the Paris Agreement states that each party should strengthen cooperative activities for technology development and transfer. The Green Technology Center has been strengthening its foundation and developing its role as a green and climate technology policy research institute in Korea.

    As a result, it has established itself as a green and climate technology hub at home and abroad by supporting national strategies in the technology field of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and actively carrying out global cooperation projects to support domestic institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • Now, the Green Technology Center is planning to re-emerge as a think tank for climate change response technology and policies that lead global inclusive and innovative growth in line with its mission of the times.

    Based on the know-how accumulated as a national green technology R&D policy establishment and information analysis institution, we will actively support international technology negotiations as well as customized cooperation based on climate technology cooperation experience and multinational and multi-field networks. Please give us generous encouragement and attention to the future of the Green Technology Center, which will do its best to cope with climate change as a leading institution for policy research in green and climate technology. 

    Thank you.

Academic Background
  • 1985-1992

    Doctor of Materials Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

  • 1982-1984

    Master of Metallic Engineering at Seoul National University

  • 1978-1982

    Seoul National University Bachelor of Arts in Metallic Engineering

Major Career
  • Organizational management field
  • 2017.03-2019.04

    Director of Research Planning and Coordination Division, KIST

  • 2013.09-2016.08

    Director of KIST-UNIST Ulsan Center

  • 2012.07-2014.03

    Head of Research Division of Future Convergence Technology at KIST

  • 2009.12-2011.04

    Head of Electronic Materials Center at KIST Material Equipment Headquarters

  • 2008.03-2013.08

    Professor of Nanomaterial Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Technology

  • The field of professional association
  • 2018.02-Current

    Vice Chairman of the Nanotechnology Research Council

  • 2018.03-Current

    General members of the Korea Institute of Public Affairs

  • 2016.01-2017.12

    Vice Chairman of the Korean Metal Materials Association

  • The field of public consultation
  • 2019.05-Current

    Specialist member of the International Cooperation Committee of the National Climate and Environment Council

  • 2019.05-Current

    Director of the National Assembly Climate Change Forum

  • The field of international cooperation
  • 2017.01-2018.11

    Electronic Materials and Nanotechnology for Green Environment
    2018 Chairman of the Organizing Committee

General Information


The division of Administration

  • Personnel in chargeOh Kyung SeokSenior Administrator