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International Symposium on Net Zero and Space Technology

ㅇ Date: SEP 6, 2022 (MON) 14:00 ~ 17:00 ㅇ Location: KFB International Conference Room, Seoul, Korea ㅇ Contents - Exchange opinions on the satellite development and utilization for achieving carbon neutrality ㅇ Attendees and Course Time Program 14:00∼14:10 Welcoming ▪ President Cheong Byung Ki (GTC) Part 1 14:10∼15:10 The Ist Presentation ▪Origin of NASA OCO and its follow-on mission : Jason Hyon (NASA JPL Chief technologist) The 2nd Presentation ▪More than a decade of GOSAT series satellite operations and data products : Kuze Akihiko (GOSAT-2 project manager) Coffee Break Part 2 15:25∼16:25 Subject Presentation ▪Carbon Monitoring in Korea : Park Jae Pil (Nara space technology) Panel Discussion [The Head of Table] Professor Jeong Su Jong (SNU) ▪Diagnosis and Direction of Korea's Current Status - Kim Yoonjae Director (KMA) - Lee Dongwon Director (NIER) - Cheon Yijin Director(KARI) - Hwang Hong Yeon Researcher (LIG Nexone)