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Division of Technical Supervision

  The Division of Technical Supervision manages climate technology policies 

  and international cooperation. Based on technology expertise, experienced 

  researchers are assigned to key technology areas and provides comprehensive 

  information on technical statistics and analysis results.

Major research field

The data-based research for climate technologies information

  •                     -   Conducts surveys and in-depth analysis about the current status of climate technologies in Korea and abroad,
                             focusing on in-depth analysis of key technologies and their level of development
  •                     -   Produces comprehensive information about climate technologies and diffuse the information
                             through the Climate Technology Information System (CTis) and the Big Data Center sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT.  
  •                     -   Predicts promising climate technologies and derive convergent climate technologies
  •                     -   Establishes and support networks of climate technology-related institutions and experts

Division of Technical Supervision


The division of Technical Supervision

  • Personnel in chargeOh Sang JinDirector(Acting)