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Share the Green, Share the Future.

Taking great strides forward to become a global think tank, addressing climate change and contributing to the creative economy!

The Green Technology Center (GTC) is a green climate technology policy research center that contributes to the realization of the creative economy through climate change technology policy and through research on international cooperation, also contributing to Korea’s national development by strengthening global leadership.

The GTC, established in 2013 as a policy research center specializing in green climate technology, has been fulfilling its primary role of researching green technology development policy and international cooperation on climate technology.

Following the 2015 Paris Agreement, increased importance has been placed on policy and international cooperation for climate change technology transfer. In Korea too, climate change technology has emerged as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and has been magnified as a core technology for the resolution of various social problems.

In order to actively address national and global environmental issues, GTC, as a global green climate technology think tank, is making great efforts to lead on new innovations and challenges by reflecting paradigm transformation for the realization of the creative economy. This lays the groundwork to pass down a healthy and sustainable environment to future generations.

The GTC proposes national strategies necessary for the development and diffusion of green climate technology domestically and overseas. Moreover, by strengthening global leadership through the establishment of a Korean climate technology cooperation model, the GTC is making efforts for the global expansion of domestic climate technology industries as well as for the establishment of and progress towards domestic greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.

Through challenging and innovating on existing frameworks, we can actively engage with the shifting landscape of the new climate system. All GTC staff will drive this agenda forward so that we can successfully contribute to the creative economy, taking great strides toward becoming a global think tank.

Thank you.

Green Technology Center
President In-Hwan Oh

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