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Policy Brief 1_Cooperative Pathways to Carbon Neutrality: Harmonising Climate Technology and Behavioural change

발간일 : 21-12

조회 : 7276

저자 : 녹색기술센터


I. Forewords
1. Forword by Dr. Byung-ki Cheong, President of the Green Technology Center Korea

2. Forword by Prof. Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, Founding Director of Social Marketing at Griffith

3. Forword by Ms. Ricki Hersberg, Executive Director of the Plastic Oceans Australasia

Ⅱ. Purpose of this brief

Ⅲ. Key messages

Ⅳ. Examples solutions for carbon neutrality

Ⅴ. Summary of Lessons Learned

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